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Ne Obliviscaris "Liberia Part 1 - Saturnine Spheres"
Stalker "Satanic Panic"
Volumes "Disaster Vehicle"

Anabasis "The Chamber"
Heretic "Immaculate Deception"
Fragarak "Fathoms of Delirium"
Mos Eisley "Jundland Wastes"

Moonspell "In the Name of Fear"
Winds of Plague "Nameless Walker"
Saints and Winos "We Rise"
Dredneks "Chainsawdomy"

Galactic Cowboys "Zombies"
Amberian Dawn "Sky is Falling"
The Birthday Massacre "Looking Glass"
Endur "Death Angel"

West Berlin Live in Studio
* Alone
* Black Orphan
* Overlook

Greywalker "Lifeless Limbs"
Antiversum "Chao E Orta Est"

West Berlin Live in Studio
* 104
* Sun
* Grow Apart

Atrophy "Preacher, Preacher"
Coroner "Shadow of a Lost Dream"
Eric Steel "Rescue Me"
Anacrusis "NIB"

Holy Terror "Debt of Pain - Live"
Riot "Bloodstreets"
Axegrinder "Rise of the Serpent Men"
Sabbat "For Those Who Died"

West Berlin "Sun"
Deathcrawl "Zenith"
Deathcult "The Oath"
Grethor "The Last Manifesto"

Pretty Boy Floyd "Feel the Heat"
Wolfhorde "Jaktens Tid"
Crucifix "How When Where / Skinned Alive"
All Pigs Must Die "Blood Wet Teeth"
Wormwood "Burn the Psychic Vision"

Zno White "Rest in Peace"
Wargasm "Bullets and Blades"
Vio-Lence "Kill on Command"
Queensryche "Eyes of a Stranger"

Corrosion of Conformity "Damned for All Time"
School of Violence "USBS"
Seax "Nuclear Overdose"
Saint Vitus "Clear Windowpane"

The Accused "You Only Live Once"
Hades "Rebel without a Brain"
The Sisters of Mercy "Lucretia"
Hittman "Behind the Lines"
Iron Maiden "Only the Good Die Young"

Scour "Piles"
Xaemora "MSB"
Throane "Et Ceux En Lequels I'll Croyaient"
Cobra "Alfa y Omega"
Craft of Unknown Origin "Dimension B248"

Vile Tyrant "Unto Wrath Be Given"
Horror God "Finita la Commedia"
Islaja "Ghost from the Future"
Polaris "Lucid"
Knucklehead "Meet Me in the Pit"
Last Legion "Edge of the World"

Blind Illusion "Death Noise"
Fifth Angel "Wings of Destiny"
Manowar "Battle Hymn"

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Helloween "Walls of Jericho / Ride the Sky"
King Diamond "Halloween"
Acid Witch "I Hate Halloween"

Blast from Oblivion "Bloodlust"
Sadauk "Sailing Away"
The Erkonauts "Chaos Never Fails to Appeal"
Others "I Vampire"
Mikey Mason "Scooby Thulu"

The Accused "Fast Zombies Rule"
Fred Frees "Chop Sticks"
Zombie! "Hack Slash"
Jonathan Coulton "RE: Your Brains"
Self Spiller "I Spit in the Stomach of Zombies"

Blast from Oblivion Live in Studio
• Silent Scream
• ‎Under the Horns
• ‎Duck Duck Ghouls
• ‎Stench of Flesh

Harley Poe "It's only the End of the World"
Mercyful Fate "Doomed by the Living Dead"
Then Comes Silence "Warm Like Blood"
Anguis Dei "Maythorns Over Uroboros"
Dino-Mike "Halloween Night"

Blast from Oblivion Live in Studio
• Severed from a Wretched Past
• ‎Thoughts and Prayers Part 1
• ‎Undead Horde
• ‎Epiphany in Hell

Blast from Oblivion "Undead Hordes"
TRS80 "Everyday is Halloween"
Complete Failure "Man-made Maker"
B.O.R.S.H. "Blender"
Helloween "Halloween"

Blast from Oblivion Live in Studio
• Brutality
• ‎Bloodlust

Siouxsie and the Banshees "Halloween"
Fred Frees "Good Night Ladies"
Batushka "Yeteniya III - Predumdrost"
Pulsing Dark Absorbsions "Clenched Fist of the Beast"
Megathruster "Never Too Early"

Hellhammer "The Third of Storms (Evoked Damnation)"
Celtic Frost "(Beyond the) North Winds / Return to the Eve / A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh"

The Misfits "Halloween"
Mikey Mason "Santa Goes Trick or Treating"
Ignis Haereticum "Mors Mystica"
Terminal Function "Chiral Ghost"
Blast from Oblivion "Jekyll and Hyde"

FKU "Evil Dead"
The Horrorgens "Downturned Composure"
Stephen Lynch "Halloween"
The Owls are Not What They Seem "Remains of Your Ruin"
Devo Spice "PC Halloween"
Escuela "Protect n' Serve"

Fastway "Trick or Treat"
Traverse the Abyss "Battle Cry"
Mikey Mason "Great Pumpkin"

Bram Stoker "Dracula - Part 1"

Blast from Oblivion "Bloodsuckers (Story of a Lost Boy)"
Helstar "The Curse Has Passed Away"
Grim Reaper "Night of the Vampire"
Mercyful Fate "Return of the Vampire"
Sopor Aeturnus & The Ensemble of Shadows "Stake of My Soul"
One-Eyed Doll "You're a Vampire"

Bram Stoker "Dracula - Part 2"

Hallows Eve "Hallows Eve (including Routine)"

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Moonspell "In Fear of God"
Winds of Plague "Never Alone"
Delain "Hands of Gold"

King Diamond "A Mansion in Darkness"
Ancient VVisdom "In the Name of Satan"
Sleeping Romance "Where the Light is Bleeding"
Twingiant "Shadow of South Mountain"

Devastation "Raped by God"
Vvon Dogma I "Communion"
Crypts of Despair "Path to Vengeance"
Ivan Miladinov "Soul Finder"

Escuela "Fight or Flight"
Elvenking "3 Ways to Magick"
Dreadful Fate "The Sin of Sodom"
Iron Monkey "Mortarhex"

Tom Smith "Mr. Morden"
The Owls are Not What They Seem "Dark Escapes"

RADII Live in Studio
• Left Hand Path
• ‎The Future
• ‎Dig Up Her Bones
• ‎Soul on Fire

Dokken "Burning Like a Flame"
China Town "When We Rock"
SGM "Acid Rain"
Armored Saint "Nervous Man"
Ana Kefr "Takeover"

RADII Live in Studio
• The Time the Whole World Bled (Night of the Living Dead)
• Lucifer's the Light of the World
• ‎Monstrance Clock

Phantom 5 "Shadows Dance"
Skarlett Riot "What Lies Beneath"
Asylum 8 "At the Edge of My Mind"
Total Inferno "Souless Storm"

King Diamond "The 7th Day of July 1777"
Helloween "Pumpkins United"
Luup "Stibium (Triumph of Death)"
Marc Gunn "Isn't It Grand, Boys, To Be the Walking Dead"

RADII "The Time the Whole World Bled (Night of the Living Dead)"
Starblind "The Shadow Out of Time"

Funeral Chant "Cacophony of Death"
Feral "While Flowers Die"
Tongues "...And the Ever Watchful Clouds"
Sons of Apollo "Lost in Oblivion"
Matt Griffo "Privilege"

No Warning "Hell Realm"
The Vestibules "Bulbous Bouffant"
Propagandhi "When All Your Fears Collide"
Ne Obliviscaris "Urn Part II: As Embers Danced in Our Eyes"

FKU "Nightmares in a Damaged Brain"
Adimiron "Zero-Sum Game"
Batushka "Yekeniya II - Blagsloveniye"
L.A. Guns "The Missing Piece"

Unleashed "Dead Forever"
WWIII "Time for Terror"
The Duskfall "I've only got Knives for You"
WASP "The Torture Never Stops"

Wildestarr "Pressing the Wires"
Audn "Í Hálmstráið Held"
God "Crucified"
Daxma "Wanderings Beneath the Eternal Sky"
Cultic "The Prowler"

Cacophony "Savage"
Heir Apparent "Cacophony of Anger"

King Diamond "The Black Horsemen"

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Panzer "Bring You the Night"
Strange Kicks "Then Comes Silence"
Hell Fire "Destroyers"

Albatwitch "Mirror Tower"
Seven Spires "Encounter"

• 1976
• ‎ Elizabeth
• ‎ You've Met with a Terrible Fate Haven't You
• ‎Sensory Overload
• ‎Expressionless Me

RAM "On Wings of No Return"
Balmog "Venomous"
Spotlights "The Size of the Planet"

Apothesary "Knight"
A Pale December "The Path of Stars"
Regardless of Me "Nothing Can Last Forever"
Tantal "Ruin"

Distorted "Reveal My Path"
Liege Lord "Rapture"
Murdercar "Mirage of Blood"
Overkill "Black Line"

Galactic Cowboys "A Different Way"
Paradise Lost "Say Just Words"
Hit By a Bus "Fil"
Oxymor "Sueur"

Trepaneringsritualen "Madr Malformed"
Voltumna "Reading the Flames"
Auroch "Dregs of Sanity"
Eastern High "Evil Inc."

Hobosexual "Dimensional Beard"
Dark Cloak "Hornwood Fell"
Silverwind "Revenge"
The Kennedy Veil "Legacy Left"

Moon Mother "Mountain of Lies"
Siracius "Ferox Impetum"
Einar Selvik "Snake Pit Poetry"
Lucifer's Hammer "The Valley of the Shadow of Death / Justice Denied"

Chelsea Wolfe "Particle Flux"
Impureza "Leyenda Negra"
Torchia "Face of Hate"
Professor Emeritus "Rats in the Walls"

Stone Breath "The Voice of the Thunder"
The New Jacobin Club "This Treason"
Revenant Dead "Death Spawn"
Lunilara "Momentary God"

ALLTHENIKO "Respect and Fight"
Air Raid "Cold as Ice"
Syn Ze Sase Tri "Plecaciune Zaului"
The Spirit "Illuminate the Sky"

Inconcessus Lux Lucis "To Satiate Silence"
Prostitution "Elevated Droves"
Bleeding "Paranoia"
Order ov Riven Cathedrals "Dead Sea Scrolls Revelations"
Debackliner "The Omega"

Iron Maiden "Wasted Youth"

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