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Queensryche "Chemical Youth (We are Rebellion) / Before the Storm / Breaking the Silence"

Plague Shaman "Delusions of Divine"
Year of the Cobra "Burn Your Dead"
Vhaldemar "Against All Things"
Game Over "Last Before the End"

Dumpster Juice "Creamy Pudding"
Sodom "Agent Orange"
Voivod "Insect"
Running Wild "Diamonds of the Black Chest"

Black Death "Fear No Evil"
Sound Barrier "Gladiator"
ZnoWhite "Disease Bigotry"

Anabasis Live in Studio
* Until The Dust Clears
* The Chamber
* Terminal
* Of Conviction

At the Gates "Slaughter of the Soul"
Arch Enemy "Set Flame to the Night /The Race"
Slayer "Gemini"
Endless Circles "Killing Me"

Evil Invaders "Broken Dreams in Isolation"
Obituary "Slowly We Rot"
Primal Fear "If Looks Could Kill"

Today is the Day "The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself"
Overoth "Sigil of the Empty Throne"
Wachebfeldt "The Interpreter"
Shikabane "Hatred / Repeat... And Repeat it Again"

Unleash the Archers "Earth and Ashes"
Lloth "Pan"
Bunker 66 "Taken Under the Spell"
Spectral Voice "Lurking Gloom"

Luddite Clone "Anthropod"
Cradle of Filth "Heartbreak and Seance"
Trees of Eternity "A Million Tears"
Ufomammut "Core"

Birth A.D. "Kill Everbody / Popular War"
Undersmile "Sky Burial"
Wrath "Sudden Death"

Vuur "Sail Away - Santiago"
Thou "Rats and Lice and Swarms of Mice"
Savage Annihilation "Organe Apres Organe"
Whiplash "Walk the Plank"
Larissa Vienna and the Strange "Haunted"
Devlsy "Hatching Tombs"

Sword "Outta Control"
River of Souls "Earthfather"
Matt Griffo "Please Die (Healthcare Bill Song)"
Jupiterian "Unearthly Glow"
Steve Goodie "Sponge Bath No Pants"

Holy Terror "Debt of Pain"
King Diamond "One Down, Two to Go"
Heretic "Time Runs Short"

Queensryche "Anybody Listening"

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