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Alice Cooper "Freedom"
Professor Emeritus "Chaos Bearer"
A Scarlet Gospel "Grimoires of Salam"

Pine Box Live in Studio
• Big Scioty
• ‎Ace of Spades
• ‎Bobby and Lucy

Aftertime "Masquerade (Through the Facade)"
Almanac "Losing My Mind"
Chelsea Wolfe "Vex"

Pine Box Live in Studio
• Drunk and Lawless
• ‎Ilean
• ‎Poor Boy

Ne Obliviscaris "Liberia (Part 1) - Saturnine Spheres"
Then Comes Silence "Strange Kicks"
Black Mare "Death By Desire"

Mill Bastards "Arsenic"
King Goat "Melian's Trance"
Tyfon's Doom "Beyond Treason"
Adkey "Shameless"

Treadmill "Planet of Playthings"
ASKA "Her Ghost Remains"
Suicidal Tendencies "Waking the Dead"
WASP "Sleeping (In the Fire)"
Sacrilege "Spirit Cry"

Klaymore "Temple of Dagon"
Cain "Necronomicon"
Samael "Angel of Wrath"
Shrapnel "The Boundaries Set"

Imperious Rex "Red Diamonds"
Blessed Death "Pain Killer"
Desecrator "Empire of Hate"
Buzzkill "Spellbound and Bitten"
Schoolyard Heroes "Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker"

S'efforer "Morrow"
Wolves in the Throne Room "The Old Ones are With Us"
Annihilation "Universal Dismal Collapse"
Rituals of the Oak "Abramelin Square"

Brainchild "Mindwarp"
Jingo De Lunch "No One Can Reach You"
Sentenced "New Age Messiah"
Voivod "Pre-Ignition"

Apothesary "You've Met With a Terrible Fate Haven't You"
Santa Cruz "Young Blood Rising"
Atonement Theory "Sink (The Abyss of Dwelling)"
Blackfinger "My Old Soul"

Armageddon Dildos "House of Pain (Freakangel Mix)"
Circle of Dust "Dissolved"
Einsturzende Neubauten "Haus Der Luge - Live"
Android Lust "Ultraman"

Lord of the Lost "From the Brink of the Other World"
Antisect "Black"
One-Eyed Doll "Superstar"
Spirit Adrift "Graveside Invocation"

Nachtblut "Amok"
The Veld "Endless Spiritual Paranoia"
Kalibos "K53"
The Negative Bias "Tormented by Endless Delusions"

Resistance "Rise and Defend"
Serenity "Hero"
Drakonis "The Great Miasma"
A Taste of Fear "Into Hell"

Daydream XI "Trust-forged Knife"
Oz "Restless"
Cult of Luna "Owlwood - Live"

Alice Cooper "Chop, Chop, Chop / Gail / Roses on White Lace"

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Forbidden "Chalice of Blood"
Hexx "Screaming Sacrifice"
No Warning "Beyond the Law"

Mantis "Choking on Forbidden Fruit"
Saints and Winos "Death Star"
Lord of the Lost "Waiting for You to Die"
Wasted Youth "Good Day for a Hanging"

Long Claw "March of the Trolls"
Harakiri for the Sky "This Life as a Dagger"
Intrinsic "Leaving Insane"
The Shape "The Devil in Your Eyes / Mouthbreather"

Mercyful Fate "Nuns Have No Fun"
Rats of Unusual Size "70's Hip"
Dead Cross "The Future Has Been Canceled"
Bride "No Matter the Price"

Helloween "Judas / Heavy Metal (Is the Law) / I'm Alive / I Want Out"

Arch Enemy "The Eagle Flies Alone"
Hellion "Explode"
Endless Circles "Living Hell"
One-Eyed Doll "The Devil is a Boy"

Liege Lord "Legend"
Juggernaut "Without Warning"
Dead End "Phantom Nation"
Starke "Upir"
Bud King and the Diode Trio "Erection"

Mordred "The Artist"
Rage "Mirror"
Vendetta "War"
Mania "Break Out"

Undercroft "Sing the Die Song"
Bloodway "The Startling Grotesque"
Jess and the Ancient Ones "Shining"
For Love Not Lisa "Softhand"

Forbidden "Forbidden Evil"
Mortillery "At the Gates"
Straw Dogs "Young, Fast Iranians"
Ayat "Closure is Boring"

Under the Church "Ancient Ritual"
Unreqvited "The Autumn Fire"
TSOL "Nothing for You"
The Flesheaters "Eyes Without a Face"

Dumpster Juice "Fist Catcher"
Enslaved "The River's Mouth"
School of Violence "USBS"
Ground "Pity Party Favors"

Axe "Rock and Roll Party in the Streets"
Satin Steel "On the Road to Rock"
Reckless "Wild in the Streets"
Lethal "Programmed"
Immaculate Mary "Def Con I"

Inconcessus Lux Lucis "At the Behest of the Sinister Impulse"
Ecferus "Unto Chaos Unraveling"
Blood Region "The Veteran"
Atonement Theory "Ominous Sensation"

Margot Day "Never Die"
Jinjer "I Speak Astronomy"
Voivod "Astronomy Divine"
Malice "Sinister Double"
Num Skull "Kiss Me, Kill Me"
Wild Dogs "We Rule the Night"

Forbidden "Follow Me"

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Queensryche "Chemical Youth (We are Rebellion) / Before the Storm / Breaking the Silence"

Plague Shaman "Delusions of Divine"
Year of the Cobra "Burn Your Dead"
Vhaldemar "Against All Things"
Game Over "Last Before the End"

Dumpster Juice "Creamy Pudding"
Sodom "Agent Orange"
Voivod "Insect"
Running Wild "Diamonds of the Black Chest"

Black Death "Fear No Evil"
Sound Barrier "Gladiator"
ZnoWhite "Disease Bigotry"

Anabasis Live in Studio
* Until The Dust Clears
* The Chamber
* Terminal
* Of Conviction

At the Gates "Slaughter of the Soul"
Arch Enemy "Set Flame to the Night /The Race"
Slayer "Gemini"
Endless Circles "Killing Me"

Evil Invaders "Broken Dreams in Isolation"
Obituary "Slowly We Rot"
Primal Fear "If Looks Could Kill"

Today is the Day "The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself"
Overoth "Sigil of the Empty Throne"
Wachebfeldt "The Interpreter"
Shikabane "Hatred / Repeat... And Repeat it Again"

Unleash the Archers "Earth and Ashes"
Lloth "Pan"
Bunker 66 "Taken Under the Spell"
Spectral Voice "Lurking Gloom"

Luddite Clone "Anthropod"
Cradle of Filth "Heartbreak and Seance"
Trees of Eternity "A Million Tears"
Ufomammut "Core"

Birth A.D. "Kill Everbody / Popular War"
Undersmile "Sky Burial"
Wrath "Sudden Death"

Vuur "Sail Away - Santiago"
Thou "Rats and Lice and Swarms of Mice"
Savage Annihilation "Organe Apres Organe"
Whiplash "Walk the Plank"
Larissa Vienna and the Strange "Haunted"
Devlsy "Hatching Tombs"

Sword "Outta Control"
River of Souls "Earthfather"
Matt Griffo "Please Die (Healthcare Bill Song)"
Jupiterian "Unearthly Glow"
Steve Goodie "Sponge Bath No Pants"

Holy Terror "Debt of Pain"
King Diamond "One Down, Two to Go"
Heretic "Time Runs Short"

Queensryche "Anybody Listening"

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