THIS IS WHO WE ARE – VERTILIZAR Winter 2017 – The idea of making hard and aggressive music, combining emotional and soulful lyrics was firmly fixed inside the minds of this Austrian quartet – so VERTILIZAR came to life! Under the influence of sorrow, pain and desperation, Vertilizar started to fight against their inner demons. […]

Poetic Descent is an Alternative Metal band from Dayton, Ohio featuring former members of Mayfly (Voluminous Records). Jared Lacey (vocals, guitar, bass) and Adam Thompson (drums) entered the Darkroom Recording Studio (Piqua, OH) to record six songs with Justin Moore shortly after Mayfly announced its end in March of 2017. Their music has been compared […]

American rock band Garrett is the musical culmination of a cosmic romance of cinematic scope and proportion. William and Nannette met in a band 30 years ago.When that band broke up,their paths diverged.Nannette proceeded to form the band Snakes-N-Angels with husband,JC Stephenson and William began a career as a solo artist. Tragically, Nannette lost Stephenson […]

Paging Mr Herman is mediocre at best and lacks any charisma and style. They don’t know what they’re doing and focus is their main hurdle in life. Formed by Brian, Andrew and Jims from the local band My Dearest Friend. Looking to support their addiction to Pee Wee Herman memorabilia, they decided to form a […]

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh is a new breed rising; an all-female Beautycore band comprised of a trio of sisters, commonly referred to as GFM. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, GFM infuses positive, youthful energy into traditional metal styling. They have introduced a new genre to the music word by the name of Beautycore which is a […]

Friends like Thieves is a South African Punk Rock band hailing from Pretoria. Bands like Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, All Time Low, Knuckle Puck, Tiny moving Parts and As it Is are considered as invaluable influences to FLT’s sound. Raymond and Deon initially started Friends like Thieves as a studio project and different name, with […]

Forming in the early 90’s, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE is no stranger to the music scene. After quickly arriving on the Memphis rock scene, word spread about their energy-packed live performances gaining them the attention of Clive Davis (Arista Records). After signing with Arista, EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE became staples on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball with their music […]

The Actual Situation is an original four piece Rock band from New Port Richey, Florida, with aspirations to entertain everywhere and everyone they can, hopefully both in and outside the Sunshine State. The band includes: Don Alexander (on lead guitar and vocals), Ash Spillius (on rhythm Guitar and lead vocals), Christina Gallardo (on bass) and […]

High energy Rock and Roll, best when played at full volume. With ages ranging from just 13 to 21, Moxy and The Influence are four young Southern California rockers who bring it with power and drive to every performance. Their original all-female sound is a modern mix of all that was great in the 80’s […]

The Kendall Connection is a Blues-Rock band from London UK, spearheaded by frontman guitarist, singer / songwriter Nick Kendall. Kendall, along with band members Steve Holness (Keyboards), Greg Hagger (bass), and Tom Clare (Drums), are some of the UK’s finest session musicians who have over the last decade performed with some of the biggest names […]

Music is in our souls, and it’s in yours too. Dark Summer is an American Metal Band formed in 2012 by Zakk Summer. Dark Summer has released one album, titled Rise, two music videos and are currently working on their follow up album, Full Circle, due to be released December 1st. Follow them on Instagram […]

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