A Matter Of Honor

A Matter Of Honor was founded by Shandon King in Jacksonville, FL as a passion project with a small group of friends near the end of 2010. Originally known as ‘The Pretty Shame’ with Kara Holland (Vocals), Casey Zender (Guitarist) and Erin Peterson (Bass). Kara and Erin left soon after the beginning stages to pursue other ventures.

Kyle McLemore, while working on his own musical project known as Glorious Gunner at the time, offered to fill the drum slot in the band and assist with some song writing. Micah McGowan, also former member of Glorious Gunner stepped in on Bass and the search for a singer commenced. Tracy Day, a local singer/songwriter found their way to the band and the project became known as A Matter of Honor. Casey, long time member departed and Micah then regained his spot as a guitarist. The band knew its first official line up when Dakota Potts of local band The Magistrate joined the project.

Two years passed of progression, writing, and a slew of successful shows including opening for Queensryche. Much was discovered within the band as they began to heavily develop their first original album which was to be known as “Everyday Without a Purpose”.
Due to creative differences the band parted with Tracy whom went on to pursue many other successful projects. With much of “Everyday Without A Purpose” written the band continued to work hard with different vocalists to find the right person to share their vision with.

After many auditions and many practices void of vocals, Piper Coverdill stepped into the fray with a similar taste in music and an experienced history in the music business. Working with previously written lyrics and re-working others to better fit the band the sound was quickly evolving.
Shortly after returning to performing, Dakota departed to further his education and humbly passed the bass to Michael Greenwell.

Michael, a long time friend of Kyle, Shandon, and Micah (also former band mate from Glorious Gunner) returned to a life of music and the band was finally complete with a group of like-minded and passionate individuals. The band played several shows before deciding it was time to finish “Everyday Without a Purpose” and it was released December 5th, 2015.

Piper Coverdil and AMOH parted ways in 2016 and Kyle has since taken the position of lead vocals for the band. The band welcomed Joseph Defibaugh on drums in the summer of 2016.

A Matter Of Honor is currently hard at work on their second album, in the works as “Incarnate”, with plans to tour.

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