Friends like Thieves

Friends like Thieves is a South African Punk Rock band hailing from Pretoria.

Bands like Blink 182, Boxcar Racer, All Time Low, Knuckle Puck, Tiny moving Parts and As it Is are considered as invaluable influences to FLT’s sound.

Raymond and Deon initially started Friends like Thieves as a studio project and different name, with 3 singles out and all of them charting on Radio stations locally and in USA. The mission was simple, take over the airwaves and leave no survivors.

The urge to unleash these deadly tracks to the public could no longer be contained in a studio.

After a long laborious year motivating the group and questing for new members Myles and Dan agreed to join the adventure.

With fresh blood to solidify the group and Rob Storm’s studio to mould the tracks into awe-inspiring majesty, the prophecy of greatness lingers near as Friends Like Thieves will as the chosen song will be releases by Friends like Thieves

We will kick off 2018 at Speedofest, we’re on pretty early because we #oom pretty hard

Current track