The Actual Situation

The Actual Situation is an original four piece Rock band from New Port Richey, Florida, with aspirations to entertain everywhere and everyone they can, hopefully both in and outside the Sunshine State. The band includes: Don Alexander (on lead guitar and vocals), Ash Spillius (on rhythm Guitar and lead vocals), Christina Gallardo (on bass) and Jesse Daw (on drums). The co-founders have had experience in other projects, and have played multiple shows as the rock and metal band Bane of Kings, the acoustic trio Raining Diamonds, as well as solo. Don graduated MIRA SPC with an AS in audio engineering, and Ash is in school at MIRA SPC for composition and has professionally recorded for YouTube channels. This is Christina’s first experience in a rock project, and Jesse has played with other acts and has recorded drums for projects. With this new project, they have an hour of original material written, and are currently working on recording an album. They are looking for paid gigs to support the creation of this album and future plans to tour, and of course; to meet new people and amuse, delight, charm and bring the house down. Alongside the originals, they have three hours of classic rock to reach all ages, and their own P.A. Trying to take the next step towards career musicianship, the Actual Situation is interested in duo acoustic gigs, or full band gigs. They will adapt their sound to the atmosphere of your business. As they have their own live set-up, they are also willing and wanting to run an open mic or open jam some time soon – definitely contact if you are looking for that as well. Thank you to all who take the time to read.

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