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I’m just a guy who is constantly thinking about something. Some people say my mind never shuts off, and they are probably right. Life has always been one big roller coaster ride for me with plenty of ups and downs over the years. When I’m up and working on new projects I’m at my best and happy, but when I’m down I can be my own worst enemy, and maybe even yours too.

So I’m basically just a guy that is full of passion for many things. I’m passionate about music, comedy, strange movies, radio broadcasting, and quiet times with that special woman. If you go out and see the local live bands, and you are from either the Southern Tier of NY, or the Northern Tier of PA, chances are you’ve seen me on stage before in one of the many bands that I’ve been in. Currently I’m playing Drums for a brand new rock project that is a little different then any other band that I’ve been in before. I’ve been playing Drum’s for over 20 years now, so yea, I started later in life. I’m self taught, but people tell me I’m pretty good. You’ll have to decide that for yourself by coming out to a show sometime. I really like playing the Drums as it’s a good way for me to vent my frustrations by hitting shit hard. This also keeps me out of trouble.

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