Songwriter actively collaborating on new recording projects. working in a variety of styles and open to new ideas. Since June of 2017, 8$Rum has recorded and released over 90 songs. We welcome new members and look forward to the next 90. Current contributors hail from The USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, the UK, Mexico and Sweden. 8$Rum is based in Mexico. 2019 will see the release of an 8$Rum album featuring the talents of Farrell Jackson. Also the new adventure—-BlackSxord, will release a full length CD around April/May 2019. August 2019 had a 14 song album, ‘6 Feet Underground” released under the band name , Becoming Ashes. That project was an amazing good time with Kenn Martin from Mexico. Early 2020, The album “100 Proof Bowes” was released featuring songs done with Ron D Bowes from the UK. A new album is almost done featuring RoachByte from Sweden. Solo works will be released monthly as well. Thanks for all your support!!!

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