Becoming Ashes

Becoming Ashes
Originally formed in 2006 by Kenn Martin in Merida, Mexico, Becoming Ashes quickly became a popular act in many local venues. With a heavy, driving sound, and modern vocals and lyrics, they were a crowd favourite.
In 2015, the band took a break for personal reasons. Fast forward to 2019 and Becoming Ashes has been reborn!
Lorne Reid, originally from Canada, joined Kenn on the project in April. Together they have written 16 songs and are currently half way way through their first studio album. Keeping mostly with the theme of heavy driving rock tunes and adding a new dimension of melodic songs as well, Becoming Ashes is ready to reach an even wider audience than before.
Live performances will begin right after the album is complete to support the rebirth of one of Mexico’s most exciting bands.

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