Breathing Theory

Hailing from Cocoa Beach, Florida, Breathing Theory is a five piece band whose music is composed of heavy riffs, melodic leads, and gripping lyrics.

The origin of Breathing Theory began in 2008 originally as a three piece outfit, and a differently titled project. With the evolution of the band and dynamic development, the line up shifted to a five member band. Welcoming an additional guitarist and new drummer, settling into the current line up, forming a sound of their own, and grew into a regional juggernaut. Opening for bands such as: 12 Stones, Flaw, Future Leaders of the World, Eye Empire, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, BobaFlex, Motograter, and Smile Empty Soul. Breathing Theory is proving to audiences everywhere their mainstream commercial but heavy hard rock appeal will reach the masses.

With the release of their single “Fireflies” in circulation on U.S. radio stations, XM satalitte radio, Music Choice and internet radio, Breathing Theory is gaining national momentum. Breathing Theory continues now, touring nationally and promoting their new full length album, along side the release of their first music video.

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