Ease of Convenience

    Ease of Convenience is a four-piece alternative rock band from Melbourne, Florida with combinations of different influences and styles in their music. Each member is known throughout the community for the role they present in the band. The members of this band include:

    Bradley Zvorsky (Rhythm Guitarist),
    Matthew Rigsby (Lead Guitarist),
    Javier Ballester (Bass Guitarist & Keyboardist),
    and Anthony Morales (Drummer and Percussionist).

    The band was founded in February of 2019 out of Javier’s Garage. Much of their early practicing consisted of jam arrangements which were later pieced together to form the bulk of their original material. By being genre-fluid, Ease of Convenience is able to create a fusion of rock containing aspects of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Indiepop, and Punk. This results in their songs having a pop structure with loose jam arrangements throughout, and intricate grooves being played by each and every member of the band at different points.

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